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Providence Hall High School has a registered nurse on staff full time. The nurse splits her time between the Junior High and High School campuses. The nurse oversees the medical needs of the students and ensures all student health needs are being met.


Medication can be administered at school under the following conditions:

  • All medication/pills, whether they are prescription or over-the-counter, must be kept and administered by the main office. No medications, including aspirin, ibuprofen, or acetaminophen, will be given to a student, except from the school nurse with the permission of a parent via telephone.
  • Prescription medications must be brought to the main office in their original prescription bottle and accompanied by the completed Authority to Administer Medication at School form signed by the parent and a physician.
  • If your child must take short-term medication (antibiotics, etc) for any reason, please make arrangements to administer the doses yourself.
  • Students may carry a daily dose of necessary medication or a multi-dose medication for diseases such as asthma or diabetes if the parent or guardian and the health care provider have completed and submitted the Authority to Administer Medication at School form to the school office.

Individual Health Plans

If your student has individual health concerns or allergy needs please contact the school nurse to discuss an Individual Health Plan (IHP) for your student. Diabetes, epilepsy, asthma, and similar conditions, which could require emergency treatment, should be brought to the attention of school personnel immediately and noted on the registration card. This information is important for the safety of your child.

Parents are responsible for providing allergy/health appropriate food or snacks for their child during class parties or other events at school.

Accidents and Injuries

The beginning of each school year please ensure you have the names, phone numbers and addresses of individuals who should be contacted in an emergency on your child's profile in Skyward. Update this information promptly if it changes.

All accidents on campus are to be reported to the office where immediate care can be arranged. Students injured at school are not to leave school without contacting parents and receiving proper administrative authorization. Schools cannot release any student unless a parent is contacted. If a student becomes ill, s/he should report to the office for assistance.

Students and parents may expect these procedures to be followed in the event of an accident at school:

  1. The student should report to the teacher his/her injury and what happened.
  2. If minor medical attention is needed, the teacher will bring the student to the office.
  3. In a more serious situation, the parents will be called immediately.
  4. School personnel cannot take a child to a health care provider unless it is an absolute emergency. School personnel will call 911 if immediate emergency medical attention is needed.
  5. We do not diagnose ailments or administer any medications in connection with an accident.

Vision and Hearing Screenings

The State of Utah mandates periodic vision screenings. Providence Hall routinely conducts vision and hearing screenings. Notification is sent home prior to a screening. Screenings are also conducted for special education students and upon teacher or parent request. A parent at any time may request that their child be exempt from the screenings.

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