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Learner Profile Attributes


The IB learner profile came to existence from the IB mission statement.  It was created specifically for the PYP, but the IBO felt the information was such that it was needed in the Middle Years Program and the High School Program.  Now it is the backbone and beginning place for all IB programs.

The Learner Profile has become the values that define the type of learner that IB students strive to be.  Administration, teachers, parents and students all learn about and focus on the Learner Profile.  All learning and instruction are developed around fostering these traits.

IB learners are internationally minded individuals that strive to create a better world through understanding the world’s global interconnectedness and humanity.

These traits are:

1.    Inquirers:

Develop a natural curiosity that allows them to become lifelong learners.

2.    Knowledgeable:

They explore ideas of importance and dig deep into its meaning creating a balance of their learning.

3.    Thinkers:

They apply thinking skills that allow them to tackle complex problems in creative ways.

4.    Communicators:

They understand and can articulate information in confident, creative ways, including a second language.

5.    Principled:

Students are honest, fair, just and full of integrity.  They strive to solve their own problems and to take responsibility for their own actions.

6.    Open-minded:

Students understand and embrace other cultures.  They recognize and celebrate their own backgrounds and learn tolerance for others.

7.    Caring:

Students actively care about others and participate in active service.

8.    Risk-Takers:

Students are brave in the face of new challenges.  They strive to take on new roles and to defend their own beliefs.

9.    Balanced:

Students understand the need to be emotionally, physically and mentally balanced.  They strive for this in themselves and others.

10.    Reflective:

Students reflect on their own learning.  They are able to adjust for weaknesses and strengths.

What we are doing…

Providence Hall is seeking to instill these attributes in our students.  We do this in several ways. 
•    We pick an attribute to focus on each month. 
•    We recognize individual students through the Patriot of the Week awards.  These students are recognized over the announcements and through a phone call home.
•    A monthly IB lesson is taught in each individual classroom by a parent volunteer.  It is taught on the attribute for that month.
•    When students go to library time, our librarian reads them a story that has a clear tie to the trait of the month. 
•    Each morning we read two IB essays over the morning announcements that have been written and submitted by students.  The essays explain the IB learner profile attribute for the month in the students’ own words.
•    The IB learner profile attributes are posted on the wall of each classroom.
•    Teachers refer to these attributes regularly and incorporate these concepts into their teaching.