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Dress Code

Download Dress Code Here:  Dress Code

Dress Down Days Dress Code

On Dress Down days students are not allowed to wear: 

• Clothing that is low enough to reveal a student's underwear

• Clothing advertising drugs, alcohol, tobacco, acts of violence or lawlessness

• Clothing associated with gangs, illicit drugs or illegal substances

• Clothing with offensive and/or vulgar language or designs

• Clothing which calls attention to the body, including bike pants, spandex, unitard body suits, or sheer clothing

• Hats, caps, hoods and sunglasses worn in the building

• Clothing with intentional cuts, slashes, fraying or holes

• Short shorts, running shorts, or miniskirts

• Crop tops showing the midriffs

• Tube or tank tops or halters

• Costumes

Consequences for Dress Code Violations

1st and 2nd Violations – Warning from the office and tracked in Skyward

3rd and 4th Violations – Detention and Notification to Parents

5th and 6th Violations - Detention and Meeting with Parents and Administration

7th Violation - 1 day In School Suspension and Parent Notification

8th and 9th Violations – Continued Suspension and Parent Notification

10th Violation – Continued Suspension and Possible Expulsion

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