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Yearly Learning Plan (Curriculum Map)

Here you can find the outline of what the teachers will be teaching in their classrooms throughout the year.  This is a working document amongst our teachers and is subject to change throughout the year based on the needs of the students.  

6th Grade Curriculum Map

7th Grade Curriculum Map

8th Grade Curriculum Map

Math and Language Arts Practice Website 


IXL is a great website that will give questions to students based on their grade level and individual skills they might need additional work on.  You can practice problems and if you answer incorrectly you can also receive an explanation as to why to better improve your skills.  

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Oct. 4- X-Country State Championship Meet

X-Country wins 1st place in Boys and Girls Regional Meet!

PHJH is still enrolling!


Sept. 13- Savannah Legendre & Davis Passey

Oct. 2- Amy Morales & Cohen Reno

Oct 3- Keana Elvenia-Hatch & Tannon Warnick

Oct. 4- Jace Miller & Sarah Starley