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Volunteer Opportunities

As parents, most of our plates are not only full but overflowing; our schedules are so tight they're cutting off blood flow and our to-do lists are endless. The last thing any of us truly wants to do is commit to another project, group, or organization.

But there's one area where we shouldn't be cutting corners or making excuses, and that's volunteering at our child's school. The ongoing social, academic and emotional success of our kids relies heavily on the amazing network of parents and guardians.

You might think you don't have anything to offer, or that someone else is better fit to volunteer their time. But passing the buck is exactly why so many volunteers end up burned out; it's always the same five people going to the meetings, planning the events, executing the fundraisers, counting the money, and cleaning up other people's messes. If you're a parent or a guardian, and your child goes to school, volunteering is a great way to stay involved in your kids school, get to know the teachers and staff and help provide more opportunities and activities for your child to participate in!

There are chances to be a committee chair or help out with a single event. You can decide how much of a time commitment you want to have.

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Lunch Supervision

There is never enough help in the lunchroom. If you can open milk, Gogurts and pudding this is the job for you. Please contact the principal if you would like to volunteer in the lunch room.

Lunch Recess

Kids absolutely love having their parents come outside during lunch. What a great way to get your volunteer hours! Come play games or help organize a fun contest (Slam Dunk contest, Ugly Sweater, etc) at lunch with our students. Please contact the principal if you would like to volunteer during lunch.

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