August 16, 2018

What Are Charter Schools Like?

When searching for a new school for their child many people will discover charter schools but not know what to expect from them. You can perform a lot of research, but there’s really no replacement for touring the school, seeing the students, and meeting some of the people there. Charter schools can often have a very different atmosphere than a public, private, or religious school — you just need to find out if it’s right for your child.

What is a Charter School?

Before you can even begin to consider a charter school you should know how it differs from other schools. The main difference is that while still being public, charter schools operate as their own school district, allowing them more flexibility to meet the needs of their individual students. Their testing meets the state’s standards, but most charter schools will curate their own program that is designed to include and encourage all their students equally. At Providence Hall, one of only a few charter schools in Utah to offer the International Baccalaureate program, we believe providing a method of instruction that differs from the state greatly helps students understand how to critically analyze and deal with real-world problems. Before you choose a charter school, contact them to find out what their instruction is like, what extra programs they offer, and any other necessary information.

How to Get Enrolled at a Charter School

Charter schools operate on a lottery system to determine new students’ admittance. Because of this system our schools are smaller, which in turn makes class sizes smaller and more inclusive of multiple learning styles. Charter schools typically cater their teaching and instruction to help all types of learning styles, and our teachers do what they can to provide special attention to each student.

Once your child is enrolled you’ll need to get them the school’s uniform. Most charter schools have a dress code. Your student’s counselor will provide you with any information you need to get your child started with their uniform. They should also provide you with all information regarding forms, how to sign up for extracurricular activities, and what types of classes your child should take. At charter schools students are encouraged to create their schedule based on classes they actually are interested in instead of just what is required.

Now that you’ve got your year planned out, what is charter school life actually like?

Charter School Life

Unlike a public school, charter school is much more closely knit. Our students are free to choose their classes, the pace at which they learn, and what type of after school activities they would like to take. During the day, your student can be expected to attend classes that aren’t lecture-based, eat a healthy lunch at a low price, and attend sporting and artistic extracurriculars. Some of the options that charter schools often offer but public schools don’t are:

  • Language classes K-12
  • Mythology
  • Physical skill & technique
  • Design technology
  • Creative writing
  • Geography
  • Marketing
  • Law enforcement
  • Medical anatomy
  • Much more!

We offer a variety of programs that incorporate these classes and others in order to direct your student toward their most successful future. Your student will be happy to have a variety of choices that actually target their interests and programs that prepare them for college, careers, and life.

Providence Hall Charter School

During your student’s time with us they can experience a more positive learning experience in an environment designed to empower them for success. Our halls are full of students excited to attend their next class, and our teachers are always ready to answer questions and provide a little extra help when needed. Your student won’t be left behind, and won’t feel overwhelmed by our curriculum. They’ll love the opportunity to continue their sport, drama, or debate interests after school too. Submit your student for our lottery now, or call us at 801-727-8260 with any questions! We can’t wait to welcome you to the Hall!

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