July 17, 2019

Let’s Evaluate! Did Your Child Get All They Could Out of Last School Year?

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Parents, take a moment to think about your child’s last school year. Do you truly believe they got everything they could out of their learning experience? To find out, sit down with your child and ask them the following five questions:

1. Were There Times You Felt Like You Were Doing Nothing in Class?

You want to make sure that your child’s educational experience is a productive use of their time. Ask your child about how often they have felt like they were just sitting at their desk or being given busy work. Sometimes gifted students feel this way as their classmates are learning things they already know.

2. Did Your Grades Match Your Potential?

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Basically, you want to understand whether or not your child gave their all during the last school year. If they got all A’s, was it because they worked really hard to get there or because the schoolwork was too easy for them? If they got lower grades, was it because they truly tried and that’s where they’re at in terms of academic comprehension or is it because they got bored and got distracted?

3. Do Your Feel Like Your Teachers Supported You?

It’s important that students feel their teachers have their back. If they have a problem understanding the lesson or getting along with another student, they should feel comfortable going to the teacher for help. Ask your child if they can remember having any negative experiences with teachers during the school year as well.

4. Is There Anything You Wish You Could’ve Gotten Out of Your School Year but Didn’t?

Talk with your child about what their expectations were going into the last school year and see if any of those expectations were met. For example, did they wish they could have participated in an International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme or had the opportunity to play soccer or do cross country? In order to set expectations for the coming year, it’s important to talk about which experiences your child wants to have.

5. What are You Hoping to Learn This Coming School Year?

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Learn more about who your child is and what their dreams are. Talk with them about what they need to learn this coming school year in order to be on the path to success. Perhaps this means signing up for classes that will teach them advanced science or math, participating in clubs where they can learn things like debate or coding, or even enrolling in after school programs like Taekwondo or theater groups where they can pursue other interests.

Consider Providence Hall

After you’ve talked with your child, think about whether or not their wants and needs can be better met in a different educational setting. At Providence Hall, we work with elementary, junior high, and high school students. We understand that each student has different talents and abilities, which is why we offer a variety of clubs and sports programs. We even offer JROTC and IB programs—Primary Years Programme, Middle Years Programme, and the Diploma Programme. If you have any questions about Providence Hall and would like to learn more about how your child would fit in here, please click on the button below and give us a call.

Call Providence Hall Today!

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