November 21, 2019

Be WAY Kind!

Way Kind

Working to Promote Wellness, Acceptance, and You at Providence Hall.

Providence Hall High school is participating in WAY Kind week, an annual event that promotes the values of WAY Kind, Wellness, Acceptance, and You, here at Providence Hall. To learn a little more about WAY Kind, I interviewed co-president Regan Ramsey.

president of WAY Kind club at Providence Hall

So, What Does WAY Kind Mean?

To me, WAY Kind means spreading acceptance and awareness, encouraging kindness, helping students feel recognized and important, and helping to unify our student body.

How Does the Club Work to Exemplify Each Part of WAY?

We work to exemplify each part of WAY Kind by putting together spirit weeks for the school based around each of the club values, as well as practicing these values in the hallways and in our everyday lives.

Why Are You in the Club?

I am in this club because I take its values and purpose to heart. I have always enjoyed helping people, and try my best to spread kindness where I can because I know what it is like to be bullied and feel like the world is caving in. Along with this, I have lost both family and friends to suicide, and I have witnessed people that I love destroy themselves because they feel hopeless and unworthy. If I have the chance to change the course of someone’s life when it is seemingly going downhill, even just by a little bit, I will always take that opportunity, and by being in this club, I feel like I have the chance to do that for our student body.
The words be kind drawn in chalk

What Can Students Do to Be WAY Kind?

Students can practice being WAY Kind in many different ways! You can join the club by getting a parent or guardian’s permission, you can practice the club values in school and in life, you can sit with somebody at lunch if they are alone, you can smile at or compliment someone if they look like they’re feeling down, you can let someone know that you’re there for them and that you will listen should they need to talk, and so much more. Most importantly, you can spread kindness as much as possible, because there is never a reason not to be kind.

Thanks Regan for this awesome info! Make sure to participate in WAY Kind week November 18-22 at PHHS. Want to join WAY Kind? High school meetings are Fridays in room 112. Junior High students, you can get involved, too! Junior High meetings are Tuesdays after school. See Ms. Lepinski for more info.

You can also focus on wellness at Providence Hall by visiting the page on the school website.

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