December 2, 2019

Providence Hall Has CHEER!

Year One

This is our first year with football and cheerleading at Providence Hall High School. Everything came from scratch, and with the challenge of two completely new teams, we made it through our first season, and look forward to many more to come. 

In previous years, the dance team was the spirit squad for the school. But, when football came along, a new cheer team was expected. Mrs. Hiatt became the coach for both dance and cheer team because of her many years of experience. According to her, the team is making major progress. 

Always Full of Cheer

Cheerleading is a year round sport. The team cheers at football games, basketball games and assemblies. We also have performances and attend school functions throughout the year. 

We are required to have “over the top” school spirit, respect for the rules of the school and they should be a good example to the other students. 

We represent the school in the athletics department and are held at a higher standard than most. We have to be actively engaged in the school and perform both academically and physically. Both teams have a big responsibility and we work hard to achieve our goals.

What Cheer Means To Us

Our cheer team has a big variety of personalities. We attend different sports, such as volleyball and basketball, and one of the girls is a part of both the cheer and dance teams.

Cheerleading is a class which makes it possible for the members to attend multiple sports. We have many dual athletes that play and participate in many different sports. Yes, it can get chaotic, but it also brings the students closer together. It keeps us out of trouble and it works us hard.

As Patriots of Providence Hall, we are given many opportunities to show our talents and unique skills. As an all around school we are like a family. We come together and support each other, and that is one thing you don’t usually see in big public schools. PHHS is going through multiple changes this year, especially regarding football and cheerleading since, it is completely new. We are making major progress and are looking forward to the many years to come. 

If you are interested to be a part of the cheerleading team or need information about our other sports, go check out our sports website! 

You can also follow our cheerleading team’s journey on their instagram account: @prov.cheer

Caroline F. and Hadley H. 

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