January 20, 2020

The Providence Hall Charter School Lottery System

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Are you a parent looking to enroll a student at Providence Hall Charter School? If so, there are a few things you should know about our lottery system first. Every student, from elementary to high school, must participate. There aren’t any exceptions, and it’s a common part of any charter school’s application process.

How Do You Enter the Lottery?

You can enter the lottery by submitting an enrollment request sometime between the middle of December—December 16, 2019 for the 2020 lottery—and the second Thursday of February. After doing so, our registrars will push a button that will assign your child a number at random. This part of the process will take into account your child’s grade level and place on the waitlist. There are three different types of waitlists:

1. General Waitlist.
2. Sibling Waitlist (siblings of current students).
3. Teacher Waitlist (children of current teachers).

Students are selected from the Teacher Waitlist first, the Sibling Waitlist second, and then from the General Waitlist.

How Can I Check My Child’s Status?

Shortly after entering the lottery, you should receive an email that gives you your child’s lottery number. On the second Thursday of February, the lottery will close and you’ll want to check your child’s lottery status by going to the waiting list application status webpage. This is where you’ll plug in the lottery number you received. You’ll then learn whether or not your child can officially be enrolled at Providence Hall Charter School during the upcoming school year. If you do not receive an immediate acceptance notification, your name will be kept on the waitlist and you may receive one at any time during the year if an opening occurs. Please continue to check your waitlist status throughout the year.

infographic about charter school lottery system

Got Questions?

We are more than happy to talk through any concerns or questions you may have about this process. Please contact the school your child is applying to and direct your inquiries there. Meanwhile, be sure to check out our enrollment page by clicking the button below.

Our Enrollment Process

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