January 24, 2020

Girls’ Basketball is Fired Up!

Providence Hall girls’ basketball is facing a new region this year, bringing new opportunities to reach state. This coming season is going to be full of excitement and, hopefully, victories.

Every new season brings in new players to support our team. When we asked the coaches what they are expecting from the players and team this year they agreed that hard work and determination is what will win state for us this year. Coach Border states “I expect my girls to never give up. I expect them to be hungry for the ball and know every game will be a dog fight. I expect them to be leaders on and off the floor. I expect them to be positive and kind individuals to everyone around them.” Though facing a new region is going to be difficult I have no doubt the girls’ basketball team will reach state. There is still a whole season to improve.

Though this season has just begun, the girls’ basketball team has already improved so much! Abby Aielo states that “The team has already improved, in shots, box outs, aggression, and plays.” This year’s season will be one to remember. This seasons team seems very promising for Providence Hall. as the season progresses there is no doubt that the girls’ basketball team will improve by leaps and bounds. Izzy Sammis says “I think that if we work hard we can win almost every game.” This years team has so much potential just like what Izzy Sammis says if this years team works hard there is no doubt that some wins will be in this years season.

This year, according to coach Williams, the team is mainly focusing on athleticism and teamwork. Williams states that fast and strong athletes is important since, it makes everything else easier. They are also focusing on making the teamwork strong and effective. Basketball is not an individual sport, the team chemistry is very important to have a strong team. Coach Border also said that limiting turnovers is one of their priorities. The girls should be more hungry for the ball than the opponents. 

Come and support the games! Be loud and make this year one to remember. Coach Border is encouraging students to come to the games “Especially the ones against South Summit, and Summit Academy!”.

If you are interested to learn more about Providence Hall’s girls’ basketball team, go check out our sports website! https://phhspatriotpride.com/ 

Angelina E. and Caroline F.

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