April 27, 2020

IB Programs: Charter School vs Public School

IB vs AP
Are you thinking about enrolling your child or teen in the International Baccalaureate (IB) program? Although the program is publicly funded, it’s only available at select schools. You’ve probably looked around at the 15 IB World Schools of Utah, which includes a mix of public and charter schools. Yet, did you know that the program has its differences when it comes to those two school types? Read on to learn more:

What to Expect from a Charter School IB Experience

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While we can’t speak for every charter school in Utah, we can speak for our very own charter school experience. At Providence Hall, students have the opportunity to participate in three different IB Programs:

By participating in IB from an early age, students can be better prepared for the challenging (but rewarding) learning experience they may find in the Diploma Programme later on. Speaking of which, did you know that Providence Hall has an IB Diploma pass rate or 90%? We can accredit this high statistic not only to exceptional student performance but to our classroom environment. We keep our classroom sizes small and hire passionate and attentive teachers. We also have classes that are solely focused on the IB curriculum and are not mixed with non-IB studies.

What to Expect from a Public School IB Experience

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While public schools serve a great purpose in bringing educational opportunities to the masses, they aren’t typically as equipped to provide a K-12 IB experience. In fact, the Primary Years Programme isn’t available in any public elementary school in Utah and Midvale Middle School is the only public middle school in the state to offer the Middle Years Programme. The prestigious Diploma Programme is also only available in eight of the 365 Utah public high schools.

For the high schools that do have the IB Diploma Programme, the experience may not be too different from the Advanced Placement (AP) classes taken by their peers. Although AP and IB are two very different programs, they often share a combined experience in a public school setting. Typically, public high schools will have one or two classes that are exclusively for IB students. One of the staff’s teachers will act as an IB Diploma director and help students understand the IB requirements and manage their course schedule throughout their high school experience.

IB instruction for classes like English, History, and most science classes are often taught by the teachers who teach advanced subjects. For example, AP and IB students may take a history class together. They’ll use the same textbooks, but IB students may find themselves having extra essays or assignments every now and then to help them fill the IB requirements. At the end of the year, the students will also take different end-of-the-year exams (AP vs IB testing).

Learn About Providence Hall’s K-12 IB Program!

At Providence Hall, we are very passionate about the IB Program and making sure that our students are given the highest quality of education to help them have a successful experience. Currently, we’re proud to be able to claim two titles:

  • Utah’s only K-12 IB Charter School
  • One of 12 K-12 IB Charter Schools nationwide

If your child or teen feels ready to embark on this exciting and challenging academic journey, we’re ready for them! Learn how to start the enrollment process by clicking the button below.

Enrollment Information

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