September 25, 2020

What are the Advantages of Small Class Sizes?

small classroom advantages
At Providence Hall Charter School in Herriman, we are proud to offer local families an educational option that allows their students to learn in a small classroom environment. Such an atmosphere can actually benefit students in terms of their health, more personalized attention, and even self-esteem. Keep reading to learn about the advantages your student can have in a small classroom.

Advantage #1: Your Child’s Health

small classroom
One of the top advantages that might interest many parents (especially in light of the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic) is the benefit of having a healthier environment. We see many public schools temporarily reducing their class sizes by using staggered student schedules and splitting up the days students can go to school. The reason behind this is to lessen the spread of germs and to give students more space between each other. Unfortunately, not every school or classroom is able to accommodate in this way.

In a charter school setting, only a certain number of students are enrolled each year. Public school numbers will fluctuate from year to year depending on how many students live within their school boundaries. As a charter school, Providence Hall, for example, doesn’t have school boundaries to abide by. We have a maximum number of students we can enroll and students can always expect to learn in a small classroom environment.

Advantage #2: More Individual Attention from the Teacher

teacher helping student
Do you know how many students are in a single Utah public school classroom on average? In 2019, The Insider reported Utah’s numbers as being

Elementary Schools: 27.4 students per classroom.
High Schools: 31.5 students per classroom.

This may seem normal to those of us who have grown up in Utah or have raised our children here, but our classroom sizes are actually a lot bigger than many other states. At Providence Hall Charter School, we strive to make sure that our classroom numbers are low. By doing so, we are able to ensure that

  • Students have equal access to their teachers and any extra academic help they may need.
  • Classrooms aren’t overcrowded.
  • Teachers aren’t overwhelmed and feel that they can meet the needs of all of their students.

We know that when classrooms are smaller that teachers are able to give more individual attention to all of their students. It’s really simple math if you imagine dividing up a teacher’s time among 30 students compared to that of 15. Yes, group learning is almost always utilized to help keep students on the same track. However, many teachers will dedicate part of their class time to allow students to work on papers, projects, etc.

During this time, students can usually expect to be able to ask their teachers questions and get their help understanding various concepts better. Due to time restraints, teachers in bigger classrooms will find it difficult to give each of their students personal contact and help all of their students every single day. In smaller classrooms, teachers can easily have more personal contact with each of their students—helping students who are quiet or less outspoken with their needs not to be left behind.

Advantage #3: Self-Esteem

students working on a project together
In a bigger classroom, students may feel lost in a sea of their peers. In a smaller classroom, however, students will have more opportunity to be seen by not only their teacher but their classmates too. As they work closely with their teachers and peers, they’ll likely get the social validation most individuals crave (especially during these pivotal young years). This may come via group projects, presentations, or even simply by learning together in a small group.

Interested in Enrolling at Providence Hall?

We’ve only highlighted three advantages of small classroom sizes here, but there are so many more! If you’d like to learn more about how your child could thrive in the small classroom environment here at Providence Hall Charter School, check out our enrollment process and contact us if you have any questions!

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