December 2, 2020

Is Public School Meeting My Child’s Needs?

If it sounds like your child’s school is not fulfilling their needs, what’s the next step? As the school year progresses, keep asking yourself:

  • Is my child happy?
  • Is my child supported?
  • Is my child’s schoolwork constructive and effective?
  • Do my child’s teachers offer them individual attention?
  • Will my child receive the education they need to start the next school year with confidence?

We first opened the doors to Providence Hall in 2007, and since then, we have educated and supported tens of thousands of students on the path to success. Charter schools were built to offer students a learning environment that could fulfill individual learning needs, provide hands-on experiences, and give each student the confidence they need to be successful. In addition to a traditional curriculum, we also place an emphasis on the arts, music, and foreign languages to help our students become more well-rounded individuals.

At Providence Hall, we are passionate about our students, and even in unprecedented times, are dedicated to providing an excellent education both in the classroom and online. Students deserve a sense of normalcy, and that comes through a routine. Students and parents also deserve to know what to expect from their child’s schedule and learning platforms. We strive to provide a thorough curriculum, one-on-one attention, and virtual and socially distant activities to keep your children happy and engaged.

Are you ready to take the next step? Contact us! We would love to answer any questions you may have about a charter school education and discuss your child’s needs. Want more information before you make the call? Check out these blogs to see if we’re the perfect fit for you:

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