Providence Hall Academics

Providence Hall wants to ensure each student has a successful learning experience at our schools. We are an institute of higher quality education and strive to help every student reach graduation. We are the only K-12 International Baccalaureate school in the state of Utah. Our various programs offer a better education learning experience, and you can feel comfortable knowing that your child will be learning from some of the best teachers in the state.

When your student enrolls in a Providence Hall Charter School, they will immediately be immersed in our inclusive and rigorous program. Providence Hall Charter Schools operate outside of the school district and are governed by a Board of Trustees. The administration and the Board work together to identify the needs of the school population and to meet those needs, often through unique ways not found in the district schools. Our charter school has a unique mission and vision that sets us apart from district schools and allows our students the opportunity to find a school that helps them feel successful in their individual learning styles.

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The Providence Hall Experience

Providence Hall provides quality education that embraces and magnifies a student’s innate curiosity, individuality, and special talents. Students at Providence Hall will receive a world-class education from teachers who know and care about them, an administration who sees to their needs, and a Board who is truly looking out for their best interest. Students will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in their learning, not just do bookwork and regurgitate answers. They will experience new electives, learn new languages, try new sports in P.E. class, and learn how to take action on what they are learning.

Our administrators, teachers, and staff all believe that each child deserves to learn at the pace and in the environment that works best for them. While your student learns with us they will feel empowered to handle any problem they face, and come up with a solution analytically. We realize that you may teach a child but unless they choose to learn it for themselves they will not “find it.” Therefore, in addition to traditional teaching methods, Providence Hall’s instructors employ hands-on experience, reflection, and real-life application as methods of instruction in efforts to convey to students the notion that knowledge is power and a tool that can better one’s life.

Providence Hall recognizes the importance of personal responsibility. By teaching students to set goals and evaluate personal accomplishment, students will build confidence and feel responsible for their learning and growth. Your student will never feel left behind or lost within our school.

Providence Hall Elementary

4795 West Patriot Ridge Drive
Herriman, UT 84096
p: (801) 727-8260 f: (801) 727-8282

Providence Hall Junior High

4558 West Patriot Ridge Drive
Herriman, UT 84096
p: (801) 727-8260 f: (801)-432-8496

Providence Hall High School

4557 West Patriot Ridge Drive
Herriman, UT 84096
p: (801) 727-8260 f: (801) 253-4997