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June 29, 2021

Which Club Should You Join? [Quiz Included]

High school clubs offer a lot more than just something to do after school. They have a lot of benefits as well, but with so many options, which ones] should you join? Take our quiz and find out what club you should join!

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June 11, 2021

Top Summer Educational Opportunities Around Utah

Wondering what your kids are going to do this summer? Well, look no further! We’ve created a list of fun educational activities for our elementary, jr high, and high school students to do this summer!

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January 31, 2020

2020 Super Bowl Food – Teen Recommended!

Yummy Dishes for your Super Bowl Party-Teen Recommended!
Need some Super Bowl food inspiration? Check out these teen approved snacks and see which one could be perfect for your party!

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December 2, 2019

Providence Hall Has CHEER!

Meet our new Cheer team!
Did you know that Providence Hall High School has a cheer team? In fact, the 2019-2020 school year is the first year in the school's history to have both a cheer and football team.

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November 21, 2019

Be WAY Kind!

Learn about our student club WAY Kind and how you can be a part of a group of people dedicated to being kind to others.

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February 15, 2019

Teen Topics: Be Well-Rounded

As a teenager, we know your life is pretty busy. It can be hard to focus on anything other than school and what you need to do to get into a good college or another post-college program. However, making time for things that you like to do is still pretty important. Discover how to become a more well-rounded individual and how that can benefit your life.

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