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How the Process Works

  • In Providence Hall Charter School, all programs and services are open to all persons regardless of their race, color, national origin, sex, age, and disabilities.
  • Adding a student to the lottery (requesting enrolling) is the first step in a multi-step process to enroll your student at Providence Hall.
  • ALL students currently not attending Providence Hall start here, even if the student previously attended Providence Hall then left (withdrew) and is now wanting to return.
  • Begin by clicking the “Add Student to Lottery (Request Enrollment)” button to enter a student in the lottery system, but keep in mind submitting this lottery form does not mean the student is enrolled at Providence Hall or guaranteed an enrollment spot.
  • The information you enter in the lottery form transfers to our lottery system and you will be assigned a lottery confirmation number that will be sent to the email you provide in the lottery form. Make sure to save your lottery confirmation number!
  • Student(s) are assigned a lottery order number on their grade level waiting list based on founding member priority, faculty priority, sibling priority, then general priority – in that priority order.
  • Our annual lottery for the following school year acceptances takes place each year at our elementary school on the second Thursday of February at 10 am. There is no need to be present for this.
  • ACCEPTANCES WILL BE SENT VIA EMAIL, so check the email you provided in the lottery form.
  • Acceptances can take up to a few weeks to get through all the grade levels after the initial lottery is run and after that acceptances continue as applications are received and spots are available.
  • If you do not receive an immediate acceptance email when our lottery is first run in February, or you entered a student in the lottery (requested enrollment) after our lottery has run in February, you may be accepted at any time, even over the summer, if an spot opens up, so keep your lottery confirmation number and keep checking your email!
  • You can check your lottery status at any time via this link using the lottery confirmation number you were emailed.

Providence Hall Charter School accepts kindergarten through 12th-grade students, with the exception of students who have been expelled/suspended from their previous school or have other pending disciplinary issues. We reserve the right to decline enrollment to students if false, misleading, or incomplete information is included in the enrollment documents. However, each student’s enrollment request will be looked at on a case by case basis.


  • If this is the first time you are entering a student in the lottery (requesting enrollment) for the Current School Year (21-22) then fill out one form below per family, adding multiple students to the one family as needed.
  • You DO NOT NEED ADD A STUDENT TO THE LOTTERY (REQUEST ENROLLMENT) for the Current School Year (21-22) if . . .
    • You already added the student to the lottery (requested enrollment) for the current school year and are awaiting acceptance.
    • You already added the student to the lottery (requested enrollment) for the current school year and want to add on another student. In this case use the lottery confirmation number you were sent and add on another student.
    • Your student already is enrolled at one of our schools and is just moving to the next school (5th at Elementary moving to 6th at JH or 8th at JH moving to 9th at HS). In this case your student will automatically rollover with us if you declared the student was returning in the annual Intent to Return form.
  • High School Important Enrollment Cutoff Dates – Since students are earning graduation credits at the high school, there are specific registration guidelines for each quarter, which may mean a student will need to wait until the start of a new quarter to register. The High School Registrar, Julie Hansen ( can assist you with this information.

Current School Year (21-22)
Add Student to Lottery (Request Enrollment)

First Step of the Process – Enters student in the lottery
(does not guarantee an enrollment spot)


Check Student’s Current School Year (21-22) Lottery Status


The “Add Student to Lottery (Request Enrollment)” button
for Next School School Year (22-23)
will be posted to this site in December
…so check back!

We accept new students at all three of our campuses as spots open up,
with the high school having specific registration guidelines for each quarter.
For more information call (801) 727-8260
select “1” for the Elementary
select “2” for the Junior High
select “3” for the High School


Elementary School Tour – Click Here to Schedule

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High School Tour – Email

Why Providence Hall?

At Providence Hall, we are proud educators dedicated to your student’s future. It starts in their early years at our elementary school where they’ll learn the foundational learning skills they’ll use throughout their life. In Junior High, they’ll be challenged academically and taught practical problem-solving skills that will benefit them in the future both in school and in their careers. In High School, your student will be given the opportunity to pursue subjects they’re interested in and to reach for the stars both academically and in their extra-curricular activities.

We’re very proud of our students and their many accomplishments. Just check out the Class of 2020’s.
Providence Hall High School in Utah Stats

Providence Hall Elementary

4795 West Patriot Ridge Drive
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p: (801) 727-8260 f: (801) 727-8282

Providence Hall Junior High

4558 West Patriot Ridge Drive
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Providence Hall High School

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