Clubs and Extracurricular Activities

Clubs and extracurricular activities can provide students an opportunity to get acquainted with their peers who have similar interests, plus teach valuable skills about teamwork and collaboration. Whether your student is someone passionate about sports, the arts, or even both, we want your students to have fun while getting their education and pursuing their interests.

We understand the balance of both school and extracurricular activities as a crucial part of a well-rounded education, which is why we we offer a variety of programs to enrich our students’ experiences at Providence Hall.

Concert and Event Schedule

Already a student or a parent of a student at Providence Hall? You can find all of our concerts, program dates, competitions, and event schedules at our sports and activities site.

Performing Arts

Is your student interested in learning how to play an instrument, acting, or singing? As part of our performing arts programs, we teach our students to use critical thinking to enhance creativity and self-expression. You can check out all the programs we offer as part of the UHSAA, including:

We take pride in the hard work our students put in their participation, and our students compete with other schools in the area under the UHSAA, sometimes getting the opportunity to go further in our region with their performances.

We also offer dance year-round independent of the UHSAA. Our dance program participates in assemblies, sports events, and performances of their own.

Other Clubs

We offer more than just performing arts. Some of the other prominent clubs at our school include:

Debate Team

Debate is a great way to gain crucial research and public speaking skills. Our debate team participates in competitions with other schools in the area as part of class 3A and region 14.

WAY Kind Club

The WAY in our WAY Kind Club stands for Wellness, Acceptance, and You. This club is designed to be a collaboration of students, staff, and the community around us to provide ways to pursue a healthy sense of wellness. As part of this club, there are a variety of activities and speakers designed to give students the resources they need to act on the mission of this club.

Student Council

Our student council is an integral part of our school. They are in charge of assemblies, activities, and other events held by students for students. We love how dedicated our students are while planning and executing huge activities that add to the whole learning experience at Providence Hall. Our student council teaches our students crucial leadership skills they can utilize to further their education after their experiences at Providence Hall.

Activities, Assemblies, and Dances

We hold our share of activities throughout the year because we love the Patriot Pride our students have! From our spirit assemblies run by our student council to our performances and plays, you can see just how much fun our students love to have during school events. You can check out everything that’s currently happening on Facebook!

Start a New Club

At Providence Hall, we encourage our students to start clubs of their own if they find a worthwhile pursuit. We love providing these opportunities to our students because we know how important it is to provide ways for our students to express themselves and pursue things they love doing.

Want to Learn More?

If you’re interested in getting more information about the sports and athletics offered at Providence Hall, you can learn more about our many athletic programs held throughout the year.

If you want to get more information on how to enter our lottery to enroll, check out our enrollment page.

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