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At Providence Hall, we firmly believe extracurricular activities and clubs should be available to enrich the education experience. As part of our mission to help students think critically, communicate effectively, and act responsibly, extracurricular activities give our students the opportunity to learn outside the classroom.

If your student is already a member of a club, dates and times for club meetings change frequently, so make sure your student listens to morning announcements for upcoming meetings!


Why Join a Club?

We love the positive impact clubs have on our students. Actively participating in clubs and extracurricular activities gives opportunities for our students to:

  • Get involved in something they are passionate about
  • Make friends with similar interests
  • Make a difference in the school and the community around them

We offer a variety of programs, from performing arts to student council, which provides each of our students unique learning opportunities and ways to gain valuable leadership skills.


Our Facebook Page

Your student can listen to our announcements or check out our Facebook page to see what events and clubs are currently being held. We encourage our students to reach out and try something new. If your student has an idea for a club, we provide the opportunity for students to propose their own. Students can start a club with the help of a faculty sponsor and official approval. Your student can get started by picking up the Club Application and Guidelines Packets from the front office.

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