Junior High Guitar

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Our Instructor – Sarah Palma

Ms. Palma believes that it’s important to have fun with music. She is a classically trained musician and studied jazz and classical styles at The University of Utah. Her classes are designed to help give guitar students a proper musical education and experiences that help foster an appreciation for the dedication, skills, and effort that goes into the craft.


Guitar I – Beginner

Pre-Requisites: None. This class is open enrollment.

This class is for students who have either never played guitar or are first starting to play in a school setting. Unlike many other school programs, students will be taught how to play guitar in
a group/ensemble setting. After spending one year in Guitar 1, students have the opportunity to audition into Guitar 2.

What You Will Learn:

  • Standard notation
  • Basic chords and scales
  • How to play in an ensemble
  • Popular repertoire
  • Rhythm


Guitar 2

Pre-Requisites: Audition and one year of studying under Ms. Palma.

Students in Guitar 2 will take what they’ve learned in Guitar 1 and expand on that knowledge as well as focus more on ensemble playing. They’ll also be given more opportunities to perform at festivals and quarterly concerts.

What You Will Learn:

  • More scales and chords
  • Advanced techniques
  • Sight reading skills

For 8th Grade Students: Guitar 1 and Guitar 2 at the Junior High Level do not automatically transition over to Guitar 2 or Guitar 3 at the high school level. These classes are designed to enhance your musical development. High school levels focus on more advanced ensemble playing skills. Ms. Palma also teaches these high school courses, so please talk with her about which class would be best for you to transition into as you prepare your 9th grade schedule.


Do You Need Your Own Guitar?

Every student is required to have their own acoustic guitar. Many of our students choose to rent from local instrument vendors, like Summerhays.


How Long Are Students Asked to Practice?

We believe that the more you practice, the better you get! That being said, here are our usual practice requirements for the two different classes:

Guitar 1: 20 minutes per day, 5 days a week
Guitar 2: 20-30 minutes per day, 5 days a week. Extra practices may be required or recommended as we get closer to concerts and other performances.


Are There Regular Performances?

Guitar 1: There will be in-class performances throughout the school year until May when students join in performing at the year-end concert.
Guitar 2: There will be quarterly concerts and occasional assembly performances.


Will We Perform at Any Events?

Guitar 2 Students will have the opportunity to perform at the UVU Orchestra festival where they’ll be given feedback on their performance. This event usually happens in May.

Also in May, Guitar 1 and Guitar 2 students may choose to participate in the Music in the Parks Festival. Participation is optional as there is a fee for the event. Fees vary from year to year but are typically around $80. The cost includes round-trip transportation, festival fees, and entrance to the Lagoon amusement park. Our music instructors will keep students up to date on any changes in cost. Our school guitar ensembles have consistently swept the podium and have been awarded 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place each year!


Excited to Learn Guitar?

We’re ready for you! Talk to your parents and school counselor about adding guitar to your schedule. Feel free to reach out to Ms. Palma if you have any questions about the class!


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