Junior High Orchestra

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Our Instructor – Allyn Lyon

My. Lyon is a talented musician with a diverse background in playing instruments. Among the many instruments he plays, he is experienced in the viola, bass, violin, cello, and piano. He loves composing and even helps students gain some experience with composition to help strengthen their music abilities.

Mr. Lyon teaches orchestra at both Providence Hall’s junior high and high school. His goal is to help students become good musicians, not just good string players. That is why he encourages students to diversify their musical education and to expand themselves.



Our music programs are built to help students feel confident enough in their music abilities to one perform at the high school level. Students will learn to take feedback that will help foster their growth. We’ll meet them at their level, and they’ll be given pieces to play that interest them and help them become better musicians. 


Orchestra 1 – Beginning Orchestra

This class is for those who have never played or it’s been a while. Some students may even take this class a second year to build their confidence before moving onto the advanced level. At this beginning level, students learn about the different instrument parts and how the string family fits in with the rest of the music families. They’ll learn notes, how to play, technique, and how to become comfortable with how the instrument feels in their hands.


Orchestra 2 – Advanced Orchestra

This class does require the teacher’s signature or approval. Experience is needed, and so students must have played for at least a year prior to participating in this class. If students feel like the class is too difficult, however, they may go back to Orchestra 1.


What are the Requirements

In order to excel in our orchestra programs, students must

  • Choose an instrument to focus on
  • Provide their own instrument—we recommend Summerhays
  • Practice every day for half an hour


Class Culture

We want our students to understand the impact that music can have on the world. After all, the arts help people through hard times. We believe that our young musicians are going to be the heroes of the next generation as they help the world experience a sense of humanity. They’ll inspire others and show them the beauty of music. Despite what goes on in the world around us, we can still inspire and create things that make us feel human and spark our imagination. Orchestra is a great place where we can come together and create wonderful music.


Orchestra Opportunities

In a typical school year, students participate in performances every term. These performances are themed after that season of the year—such as Halloween in the Fall. These are opportunities for them to show off their talents and newly acquired skills to their friends and families.


Ready to Join Orchestra?

We’re ready for you! Students, talk to your school counselor and parents about adding orchestra to your school schedule. If you have any questions, feel free to talk to Mr. Lyon.


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