Instructions for Fee Waivers

Follow the steps below to apply for a Fee Waiver.

Applying for a Fee Waiver does not guarantee eligibility.

  1. A Fee Waiver Application can be picked up at the school’s front office or downloaded here for free

    Fee Waiver Application K-6 (English)

    Fee Waiver Application K-6 (Spanish)

    Fee Waiver Application 7-12 (English)

    Fee Waiver Application 7-12 (Spanish)

  2. A new Fee Waiver Application must be filled out every school year.
  3. Fee Waivers and Free & Reduced Lunch Applications are NOT the same application. Free & Reduced Lunch Applications must be made separately from a Fee Waiver Application and can can picked up at the school’s front office or be downloaded here

    Free & Reduced Lunch Application

    Free & Reduced Lunch Application (Spanish)

  4. A parent/guardian must apply for a fee waiver within thirty (30) days after the first day of school or within thirty (30) days from the date of enrollment if school has already started.
  5. Complete the front of the Fee Waiver Application to include a) Name of student, b) Student number, and c) Complete address/date/signature
  6. Complete the back of the Fee Waiver Application listing ALL members of the household who receive any income from any source.
  7. Bring copies of your last year’s Income Tax Return and three most recent paycheck stubs for each working person in the household.
  8. In place of the income verification listed in step 7, you may attach supporting documentations to the Fee Waiver Application for the following special categories:For AFDC (financial assistance or food stamps), attach a letter of decision covering the current period from Workforce Services. This letter must have the student’s name listed for whom you are requesting a fee waiver.For SSI, attach the benefit verification letter from Social Security.For State Custody or Foster Care, provide the “Youth in Custody” intake form and/or “School Enrollment Letter” provided by the case worker from CDFS or Juvenile Justice Department
  9. Within thirty (30) days of your student’s enrollment, a school administrator reviews your Fee Waiver Application and required income verification documents to determine fee waiver eligibility. Fee waivers cannot be granted retroactively. Please contact the appropriate school’s front office, (801) 727-8260 with any questions.
  10. After the fee waiver is processed, you will receive an official letter of your fee waiver status. Keep this copy for your record.
  11. School fees must be paid or waived before student schedule will be issued.

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